Proposed Projects Topics


  1. Light following robot
  2. Trace adaptive robot
  3. Autonomous traffic control system
  4. Wheelchair obstacle avoidance based on ultrasonic sensors
  5. Wireless Sensor Network for Real-Time Air Pollution Monitoring
  6. autonomous Guided Vehicle (Ultrasonic sensor based)
  7. 6 legged crawl robot (hexapod)
  8. Quadcopter (Software Simulation)
  9. Internet controlled Robots
  10. Automatic Satellite positioner - Reaction Wheel Actuated Satellite Dynamics Position Platform
  11. Wireless controlled Robot - A robot remotely controlled by Xbee
  12. Automated unmanned pedestrian road crossing system
  13. Voice controlled robot – Using voice to control a robot actions
  14. Balancing Robot- a project to make a two wheel balancing robot
  15. Seeing Eye Robot is a prototype of a robot designed to aid the blind in navigating around obstacles.
  16. Accelerometer Controlled Rover(Wireless) - A robotics connection traxster robot with a tilt remote control using mbeds and XBees.
  17. Gesture Arm Robot - a robotic arm and gripper kit controlled using human arm gestures
  18. FollowMeBot – a robot project that will follow objects based on a color of the user's choice

Bio Medical Instrumentation

  1. Patient monitoring system (Bluetooth - based)
  2. Patient monitoring system (Web - based)
  3. Heartratecounter on LABview
  4. Pulse Oximeter using LABview

Powerline Communication

  1. Wireless home automation solution using ARM controllers
  2. Fault detection in power transmission (Intermediate)



  1. Realtime GPS location tracking
  2. Traffic analytics over internet
  3. Wireless agricultural analytics


  1. Demonstration of running a Realtime Operating System on ARM-Cortex platform
  2. Ultrasonic Distance Alarm System
  3. Real Life Applicable free Fall Detection System
  4. Car collision alarm systems based of CAN (Controller area network)
  5. Design and development of microcontroller based vehicle monitoring system using controller area network(CAN)
  6. Design and implementation of multi can network for automotive communication protocol
  7. Structured motion control of mobile robotic system
  8. Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless sensor network
  9. Temperature Humidity Monitoring System of Soil
  10. Enhancing Embedded Surveillance System Sensing Reliability using Ultrasonic Signal and PIR Sensors sensor network
  11. Electronic Water Supply Management System
  12. Using tri-axial accelerometer for Human fall detection & prediction method.
  13. Robotic grasper for Pick-and-Place tasks
  14. Software Linearization of a NTC thermistor
  15. Hardware Linearization of a NTC thermistor
  16. Motion Detected Pictures On a Server
  17. Motion Detected Pictures On Memory(Flash, EEPROM, MicroSD)
  18. Weather station monitor measures temperature, humidity, dewpoint
  19. Automated system hardware solution to improve traffic safety
  20. Intelligent wheelchair control using head movement