• Automatic 4-way Traffic Light System with alarm
  • Temperature Controlled Home Appliances
  • Obstacles Avoidance Robot

The Automatic Traffic Light System developed had 4 units of traffic 3-clour light system (Green, Amber, Red) mounted on a Junction frame with an automated controller. The Unit is programmed with C-programming to automatically makes decision on which lane out of the four to pass (GO) sequentially, raises an alarm to stop drivers when the Red light glows on any lane.



The Temperature controlled appliances incorporate a temperature sensing and measuring sensor. The temperature of the environment is measured and at a set temperature by the programmer (students) the plugged appliance begins to function. However, when the temperature is lesser than the set temperature, the appliance stops functioning. This system can be used to control any temperature dependent home or office appliance such as the Boiler, Fan, AC etc. for comfort and automatic controls.


The Obstacle Avoidance Robot is the current project near completion for the term. It is a small vehicle with dual obstacle detecting sensors called the ultrasonic sensors. The vehicle moves autonomously (uncontrolled) detecting obstacles and manoeuvring from any obstacle it meets on its way. These robots are used as surveillance or monitoring mobile devices in hazardous areas where human capabilities are limited, it can incorporate a camera to take picture, gather data and logged to its memory. The students decide on what is the best avoiding obstacles approach.