Robotics & Embedded System Automation in Nigeria for Secondary Schools

Advancement in Micro Embedded Platform in Nigeria is taking quite a very slow pace. Atopet Automations Limited has introduced Young Automation Club (YAC) for Secondary Schools where we train senior secondary school student on practically developing projects prototypes for home/office automation and building robots.

YAC features:

  • Physics Electronics, Robotics, Embedded Systems,
  • Circuits and Circuit diagrams, DC circuit wiring and Soldering
  • C/C++ programming, Computing, Software
  • Microcontrollers and processors, Digital & analogue Inputs/Outputs, Sensors and Actuators,
  • Home/Office Automation, Smart Systems, Technical Term Projects, Exhibition and Competition

We are seeking connection with school proprietors and contact with secondary schools Administrator as well as partnership and sponsorship to initiate this innovative technology which will in-turn boost our country advancement in this field.

Contact us for the training proposal:

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CONTACT NUMBER: +(234) 09094009029