Our training are applicable in—:
  • —Vision, monitoring, security and surveillance: traffic control, crowd control
  • —Waste and hazardous clean-up: oil spillage, etc
  • —Home automation, Industrial automation and Wireless Automation
  • —Manipulation and cooperation
  • —Transport industry: heavy loads transport e.g load capacity and free positioning
  • —Food and beverage industry: loading and unloading of packaging machines, cutting meat, stacking and palletizing, and quality control.
  • —Construction industry: e.g. for ensuring an even flow of material.
  • —Glass industry: thermal treatment of glass and quartz glass
  • —Foundry and forging industry: robots' heat and dirt resistance enhances casting machines, grinding, or drilling, and for quality control.
  • —Wood industry: for grinding, milling, drilling, sawing, palletising or sorting
  • —Metal processing: drilling, sawing or bending and punching, welding, assembly, loading and unloading
  • —Stone processing: ceramic and stone industries for bridge sawing
  • —Medicals and surgery: 3-D image of his patient’s heart
  • —Chemicals and radiation
  • —Space and planetary
  • —Agriculture
  • —Automated Highway systems
  • —Aerospace and Military: inside airplane wings—to perform inspections or repairs.


Opportunites are numerous for the above applications



Available in Hospitals and pharmaceuticals, —Oil and Gas, —Energy manufacturing, —Construction and fabrication, —Automobile, —Home Automation, —Education, Entrepreneur, —Innovations, —Transportation, —Military, —Aerospace, —Marketing, Virtually any industry ! ! !